Watch Over Your business From Anywhere

Your business isn’t just your business. It’s your passion and way of life. We can tailor a security solution to help protect it.

Watch Over Your Business From Anywhere

ADT Smart Home Security

Stay in Control 24/7

We’ve got the tools You Need

Surveillance Cameras

Video Surveillance

Watch over your company with HD video and store your footage on the cloud or on-site.

Burglary Monitoring

Burglary Monitoring

Secure your business with intrusion alarms, perimeter protection and motion detection.

Remote Arm Disarm

Remote Arm/ Disarm

Arm and disarm your system from virtually anywhere using your smartphone.
access control

Access Control

Monitor secure areas and track comings and goings with time-stamped business security reports.

Employee theft accounts for 43% of lost revenue.

(2015) Global Retail Theft Barometer,

We've Got The Full Spectrum of Business Security Solutions

We help to deter burglars and so much more! With our advanced security and automation technology, you’ll have total control over your business in the palm of your hand.

Monitored detection intrustion

SMart Security


Access Control

Video Verification

Fire Protection & Monitoring

60% Of Burglars Avoid Targets With Video Surveillance.

Source: Airef.Org

Monitor Business Operations in Real Time

Entry & Exits

Keep a close watch on who comes and goes from your premises.


Ensure equipment is treated properly and isn’t at risk of theft.


Study customer patterns and habits and adjust your store to suit how they shop.

Parking & Property

Keep your parking areas and exterior spaces safer for customers and employees.

Team Members

Keep an eye on staff and make sure they’re helping customers and each other.


Protect your inventory from theft during and outside of business hours.

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